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Rich Woodward
Oct 27, 2017

Former mayors endorse Brick & Harvell

New Posts
  • Shirley Dupriest
    Jul 30
  • Shirley Dupriest
    Jul 1

    As soon as the schedule of meetings by the company providing the review is available, we will post on this site for all our members and interested citizens.
  • Shirley Dupriest
    Jun 29

    Work has begun on review of the Comprehensive Plan. This is the decision for the direction our city will move for the next 10 years. If it resembles the last Comp Plan, it won't mean much. In 2018, there were 21 rezonings, 17 amendments to the UDO, and 4 Comprehensive Plan amendments processed. The following link shows the changes made by the amendments to the UDO http://www.cstx.gov/index.aspx?page=3841. We were lucky 2018 was a slow year. I believe most of our current city council members understand the Comp Plan should be followed and not altered every time a property owner wants more money. As our previous council has shown- changing the plan every month causes chaos. Get involved in the review of the Comp Plan. All the meetings are open to the public and, although there is no opportunity to speak, you can see what changes might be included.